Best hosting a2 reviews 2018

There are a lot of web servers competing for your money, so you need a special service to stand out from the crowded field and show that it’s worth your money. The A2 host does so thanks to its impressive packages, excellent availability and excellent customer service. In fact, A2 could easily be one of the best web servers if it offers more Windows-based options and pricing, more in line with the global winners of publisher choice for web hosting, bluehost coupon code Dreamhost, HostGator and Hostwinds. ,
With its shared hosting plans, A2 offers three VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages based on Linux. Unmanaged VPS (starting at $ 5.00 per month), a level for experienced developers who like working with the command line, has only 512MB of RAM, 2TB of monthly data transfer, and 20GB of storage . Managed VPS (starting at $ 49.99 per month) increases RAM to a very reasonable 4GB and memory up to 75GB. It also adds HostGuard administration so you do not have to get your hands dirty in case of unforeseen circumstances. The higher level VPS Core (starting at $ 49.99 per month) has the same specifications as the managed VPS, but grants root access for full site control.

Still, Hostwinds $ 4.50 in Hostwinds – Shared is still the publisher’s choice for hosting VPS. It includes 10 levels of VPS hosting in your VPS budget offerings, Premium VPS, Windows VPS, Windows VPS SSD and Linux VPS SSD.

VPS hosting

For example, Level 1 premium VPS starts at just $ 13.50 per month (for 1 GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited email), while level 10 reaches $ 105 per month. months (for 15 GB of RAM, 200 GB of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited e-mail). The SSD Linux plan starts at $ 13.50 per month (for 1GB of RAM, 25GB of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited emails) and reaches a maximum of $ 129 per month. You get 18.5 GB of RAM, 130 GB of storage, unlimited monthly data transfers and unlimited emails.

An unusual note of VPS: Hostwinds also has the server Minecraft VPS server (yes, as in the video game). Like standard VPS hosting, Minecraft hosting has a slider that allows you to quickly select a preconfigured server. The entry level ($ 8 per month) is designed for up to 10 people; The high-end level ($ 160 per month) can accommodate a maximum of 350 people.

Hostwinds also offers a Linux or Windows hosting option that does not have A2-VPS services. Hostwinds’ flexible and powerful VPS plans surpass those of its rivals.
Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting

A2 has four dedicated server packages supported by Linux, ranging from a simple semi-dedicated server ($ 9.31 per month) to the basic high-end server ($ 141.09 per month). The semi-dedicated server has unlimited memory and monthly data transfers, but it is limited to two processor cores and 8 GB of RAM. The managed Flex server, the managed Flex server, and the Core Flex server have at least two processor cores, 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB monthly data transfers, and two 500 GB hard drives. They differ primarily in their ability to access the root and use the HostGuard Administration.

These are attractive offers, but Hostwinds full of features is the publisher’s choice for dedicated web hosting. Hostwinds offers you a choice of dedicated servers, customizable or pre-built, based on Linux or Windows. Priced and customizable servers start at $ 99 a month, but each type of server can cost a lot more, depending on how you set it up. You can equip configurable servers with up to 3 TB of storage (up to 4 units per bay unit), 128 GB of RAM, and unlimited monthly data transfers.
Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is becoming more commonplace. It differs from traditional hosting in that it distributes resources across multiple servers, while traditional hosting draws its energy from a single server. A2, like many other web servers, offers multiple levels of cloud hosting. Unfortunately, they are only limited to the Linux operating system.

A2 $ 12.95 per month Hatchling Cloud comes with 2GB of RAM, two processor cores, a domain and unlimited data and storage. The company’s $ 13.95 baby-a-month cloud has unlimited domain hosting, four processor cores and 4 GB of RAM. The $ business cloud