Get every important tool of forex trading

Hey bros and dues i mean traders brothers. Here i am going to share something crazy with you.  And it is important tools in forex market so next we learn candlestick pattern in next article.

Forex Calendar: Stay up to date with the news of 2018, which will affect the foreign exchange market
The Forex Calendar is a free tool designed primarily for traders who want to keep abreast of fundamental updates in the Forex market. However, it can be useful to all traders

Forex Calendar
The forex calendar lists the next important events, usually business news, listed with their previous and expected values. Once the news is published (sometimes with a slight delay), the calendar is updated with the corresponding values ​​and the market begins to experiment with new movements.

The most common and perhaps one of the most influential regular events is the publication of the non-farm payroll of the United States. UU., Also known as NFP. Changes in their value occur monthly, and many people will use the calendar as their most important forex trading tool at such events.

Autochartist: more advanced pattern recognition software
Is it difficult for you to identify models for market analysis? Do you think that pattern recognition is useful? AutoChartist is a tool familiar to thousands of operators, allowing you to identify the patterns in your chart. In fact, there are a number of FX trading tools available as a web application and as a complement to MetaTrader 4.

AutoChartist helps many operators recognize things like lifting corners, heads, shoulders and other elements of graphical analysis. This is a particularly useful tool for forex beginners as it does the work for you and helps you learn the models.

Next, we would like to present you with a set of tools exclusively available to Admiral Markets customers.
anyway you can also down download candlestick pattern free and we will update it soon.